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Goals are temporary - Habits are forever

Find your goal
How to find your purpose? Create the best possible goal?
💪🏻 Build your why
“If the why is powerful, the how is easy.” -Jim Rohn
WHY will help you maintain the enthusiasm, passion and motivation to pursue your goal.
Build your identity
Who do you have to become to reach your goal?

The key to building lasting habits is focusing on creating a new identity first. Your current behaviors are simply a reflection of your current identity.
🥳 Stay motivated
"Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going."

Daily dose of motivation from the community.

Progress equals happiness

Be better every day... you can achieve goal and be excited, but for how long.. the only way you stay happy and excited is to keep growing.

Habits are our future

People do not decide their future, we decide our habits, and our habits decide our future!

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Growth is the seed of joy...

...the core of fulfillment

News and articles
Transforming Yourself Through Habit

Transforming Yourself Through Habit

The two-step process to changing your identity is deeply rooted in the concept of identity-based habits, which suggests that the actions we take consistently shape who we are and how we perceive ourselves.

Which Comes First for Success: Identity, Habits, or Goals?

Which Comes First for Success: Identity, Habits, or Goals?

Determining what's most important to change first for success—whether it's habits, identity, or goals—can depend significantly on individual circumstances and the specific changes one is aiming to make.

How Identity Shapes Our Habits and How to Transform It

How Identity Shapes Our Habits and How to Transform It

The way we perceive ourselves—our identity—plays a crucial role in shaping our daily habits and behaviors

Forget about goals, focus on system instead

Forget about goals, focus on system instead

Shift from a goal-oriented mindset to a systems-first approach to achieve sustainable success. Discover how embracing processes over outcomes can lead to continuous improvement and lasting satisfaction

Turning Difficult Habits into Enjoyable Routines: A Step-by-Step Guide

Turning Difficult Habits into Enjoyable Routines: A Step-by-Step Guide

Transforming challenging habits into pleasurable routines isn't merely about willpower; it's about strategy and understanding.

💪🏻 Users why
I want to be a guru in my field
I want to be better every day
I want to write stories that will entertain and inspire people.
I want financial freedom
I want to leave a legacy
I want to be in the best shape
I want to live healthy
I want a family
I want to find a life partner
I want to feel loved
Having a positive impact on the lives of others
I want to provide comfort and care to my family
Most popular users goals
Attend seminar
Find your core values
Find a mentor
Develop communication skill
Discover your spirituality
Write your life purpose
Read self development book
Get an education
Find your passion
Develop your passion
Join a professional association
Be a good employee
Be a good leader
Become an authority
By your own boss
Write a book
Donate to charities
Improve Your Time Management Skills
Improve time management and productivity
Develop a new hobby or interest
Develop a meditation or mindfulness practice
Read more books or learn new information
Practice gratitude and positivity
Advance in current career or position
Switch to a new career or industry
Increase your income
Plan your retirement
Own investment real estate
Invest 10% of your income
Develop a good credit rating
Learn personal finance
Save more money and reduce debt
Invest for the future and build wealth
Eat healthy
Maintain your ideal body weight
Develop a calm mind
Learn to prepare healthy meals
Finish [length] run
Get in shape
Be aerobically fit
Gain muscle mass
Climb a mountain
Learn and train self defense
Lose weight or body fat
Build muscle or increase strength
Improve cardiovascular endurance
Improve flexibility or mobility
Learn a new physical skill or sport
Choose good friends - no toxic people
Find your life partner
Being a good parent
Be there for your children
Be a good friend
Be a good son
Find like-minded friends
Improve communication with partner
Spend more quality time with partner
Rekindle romance in long-term relationship
Repair and rebuild relationship after conflict
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